How to Make a Locker Size Beauty Emergency Kit

There are lots of articles about how to make these kits, right? But they all seem too-large, to take with you to school! Here is how to make a smaller version of the kits.


Get a small box. It can be anything from a cell phone/camera box (nice and small), to a canvas or drawstring tote bag (a bit bigger). You can decorate your own canvas bag




Lip gloss. You will want a colored one and a sheer one, in yummy flavors.


Mascara and/or eyeliner. Just one bottle. Note: Replace every few months if you can.


Concealer and foundation. Just in case you hit the snooze alarm too late.


Money.From forgotten lunch money to buying something from the vending machine, money comes in handy!


Clear nail polish. This can be used for tons of things, like fixing tights or pantyhose, touching up nail shine, or sealing something closed.

Mini hairbrush. You never know! Wrap 3-4 ponytail holders around the handle, so you'll always have them.


Razor. Just in case you missed patch of hair on your legs!


Travel-size lotion. Clammy hands can split. Ew!


Travel-size deodorant. Gym class takes its toll on you!


Hand towel. Just in case you need to dry off!


Anything extra. Anything else, such as feminine supplies, tissues, bandages, pads, whatever else you want.


Change of clothes. You never know when you might forget gym clothes, spill something on you at lunch, or any other situation. Wrap them up super small so they will fit.




Put everything together in your bag, if you used one. If you have a box, put in dividers, or buy one already with pockets/dividers.


Place everything as you please.


Things You'll Need

  • Small box or bag
  • Desired makeup supplies





How to Look Good for High School: 11 Steps

Look Good for High School

Uniforms, policies, rules, and teachers all put restrictions on your style. This article will show you how to bend the rules and look good for school anyway, without breaking them.


1. Make sure that you don't change yourself too fast. You should only change a couple of things at a time, otherwise you might annoy your teachers.


2. Start the night before. Shave (or wax, if you prefer). Brush your hair just enough to get out the day's knots.


3. Make sure you have the products and hair accessories that you need.


4. Start the morning by showering. Even a quick shower will make you feel better and refreshed.


5. Have a fluffy, warm towel to wrap around yourself. Comfort yourself.


6. Moisturize and treat your face for acne, if you need to.


7. Get dressed. Play some music while you do so. Upbeat songs and genres are good for waking yourself up in the morning, but you should listen to whatever you like.


8. Accessorise. If your school allows you to wear jewelry, then do so! Stay away from bright colours. If your skin is a light colour, go for silvers; if you have darker skin, go for golds. These don't stand out as much, but they really add class!

  • As a suggestion, wear two simple silver bracelets (nothing too chunky) and a thin silver chain with a small pendant. Stick to one style to tie it together.


9. Apply makeup. Never go over the top with it, since it just makes you look plastic-like and fake. Natural is the way to go, especially in summer. Some concealer, a hint of blush, and some lip balm or lip gloss works well. You can add a little eyeliner if you want to draw attention to your eyes, but stay away from anything too thick.


10. Keep yourself smelling clean. Always use deodorant, and try to get a summery fruity perfume. Be careful about how much you use.


11. Make sure your teeth and breath are clean.



  • Take a compact mirror and some lip gloss to school for touch ups!
  • Wake up a little bit earlier to be ready.
  • A summery tan always looks nice, but to stay safe and avoid skin cancer, try using tanning lotion instead!
  • With summer comes swimming, so make sure you treat or wash your hair after swimming, since the chlorine can do some damage to it!
  • For oily roots, tie a scarf around your hair—an instant pick-me-up!
  • Use fruity body lotion or body wash for the summertime.
  • Quickly turn the water cold after your shower, just before you get out. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it is really refreshing!
  • Clean off your makeup when you get home. Give your face a chance to breathe.
  • Hair curlers and straighteners are often used to perfect a style.
  • Always remember the best accessory: a smile!





How to Look Appropiate for Middle School: 5 Steps

1. If you wear uniforms, add cute accessories to make your outfit complete. If you wear regular clothes, make sure they flatter your body. Do not wear tight clothes.

2. Take care of your hair. Wash it everyday. No conditioners, and make sure it is not greasy. Make sure your hair gets cut regularly.


3. Make sure your nails are kept clean and groomed well


4.Do not overdue your makeup, that will look tacky.

5. Be nice and friendly to everyone, including your enemies.






How to Look Good in Middle School With a Uniform

Look Good in Middle School With a UniformUniforms can be hard to deal with, especially with the changing economy. In this article, you will learn how to look good, even in cheaper clothes. Now, let's get started.


  • 1
  • Before-school preparation is key. Be sure to have a curler or straightener, black or blonde hair ties, nice shoes, and makeup (just the basics). Take a shower about an hour before school, and then blow-dry your hair.
  • 2
    Put on makeup first. Put on concealer the same colour as, or slightly darker than, your face. Next, put on a thin line of eyeliner on the bottom of your eyelids and mascara on your lashes (bottom and top) After that, put on a light colour of blush and some clear lipgloss.
  • 3
    For your hair, I suggest doing something different every day of the week. For ponytails, brush it back so you don't see your part, then pull it in a high ponytail. Other days you can just let it hang naturally, curl it, or straighten it. Just make sure you don't use a bunch of product or do anything too fancy.
  • 4
    For clothes, wear the uniform. Try not to wear the same thing every day. The most important thing is to make sure your clothes fit.






How to Look Amazing in Middle School Without Make Up - 10 Steps

Look Amazing in Middle School Without Make UpWe all need to look good, and yes, though you may deny it now, there will likely be a guy that you fall head over heels for. Then what? Mom says no make up, or its just weird. Well, my friend, you have come to the right place.



  • Groom your eyelashes
  • . Get a bit of conditioner on the tips of your thumb and pointer finger, and drag it across your eyelash from root to tip. Don't forget to get it underneath. It will take a while (like two weeks) to show, but they will grow longer, if you do it every night and every other morning. Also if you love mascara but your mom won't let you wear it, use petroleum jelly and apply that. It gives the same look that you would get if you used mascara but. your mom will be pleased.



  • 2
    Make sure your eyebrows are in good condition. Nothing is more unattractive than a beautiful girl with a hole in her brow. If you happen to have over plucked brows, stop plucking them and maybe moisterize your face with olive oil. Or ask for an eyebrow pencil just for your eyebrows. If you keep plucking a brow in a place where it shouldn't, it probably will never grow back.


  • 3
    Find out how your hair looks best. If you have free time, grab a comb or brush, hair bands, and hair spray, and experiment. Sometimes its best to do this when no one else is there, and to wash your hair afterward, so no one else gets to see your "experiments". Don't wear your hair the same every day. Experiment with high ponytails, messy buns, plaits look really cute (but if you don't have a very grown up face, then a side plait would be better to avoid looking too babyish/girly)


  • 4
    Wear nice clothes. Find out which colors in shirts look best on you. Sometimes it's best to chose a color that matches your eyes, or brings out the color in your cheeks.


  • 5
    Keep your fingernails groomed. To do this, get any thing, and clean out the gunk under your nails. (Clear nail polish looks great on them). Also, if your nails have "ridges", get a file, and file in one direction across the actual nails (the pink part, not the white part). The file files away the ridges and it doesn't damage your nails. Most schools allow clear nail varnish it makes your hands sparkle also wear a small signate ring to compliment your hands x.


  • 6
    Flirt. If you like a guy,laugh at his jokes if they are funny and stare at him just enough that he knows your flirting. If a boy tells a joke that's not funny, never laugh at it. Stand up and be a girl. Make cute smiles at him if he looks your way. Try standing in front of a mirror and practice cute, child-like smiles.


  • 7
    Have good posture


  • 8
    Stand with your back straight, and you'll look a whole lot better than if you're slouched over.


  • 9
    Go to a school with a school uniform? No problem. You can still make little changes like adjusting your skirt to a shorter length ( either taking it up at the hem, or just rolling it your at your waist. If you wear a tie, try shaping it to make it stand out from the others. If trousers must be worn, check if they must have the school logo, or if you could get some elsewhere with a more flattering cut etc.



  • Shave your legs.
  • Read the school uniform rules really carefully - there may be loopholes in it - and you will be able to check for things that they definitely hate. If teachers moan on about something at school (for instance, black and blue hairbands ONLY!) then maybe you should stick to that, and just experiment with other things such as clothes.
  • Smile! Your face is always amazing when you smile!


Things You'll Need

  • Cute hair accessories
  • Bleach/tweezers (optional, make sure you find out how to do it properly or get it done)
  • Petroleum jelly/conditioner/clear mascara
  • Hair bands/hair spray/hair bands/brush/comb etc!
  • Nail file
  • Natural nail colour (eg. Clear)
  • Badges/things to decorate your schoolbag with
  • School uniform/clothes that suit you for school

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